Christ comes down...

...To send us out.

Our Christmas theme @ St. James focused on Christ's mission and our role in furthering that mission. We had two services -- a jammed 6 p.m. service filled with kids and families and a much more reflective, low-key 10 p.m. service.

At 6 the kids really took part in our mini "posada." Suzanne gathered them at the back of the church near the font and one child carried the baby Jesus in the procession up to the creche. I had to keep from laughing when the first boy she asked to carry the baby shook his head and backed away. It was all good, though... He (like the other kids) tooks some brightly colored glass beads to carry up and place at the manger. Very cool.

At 10 the mood was much quieter and more contemplative, and we could leave the lights down more. All these photos are from 10... I was too busy with the sound board to pick up the camera at 6.

Our altar space had been stark all during advent... plain blue drapes behind, with a massive stump brought in as the stand for the advent wreath. The transition for Christmas was impressive. Susan designed an array of simple white "trees" laden with white lights, that truly blazed in the night. The advent wreath was replaced by a small live tree, and the wreath was hung on the plain wooden cross. An evergreen branch was placed in the font at the rear of the church.

More photos in the next post....

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