Some Debt Crisis Humor

Tonight’s TV Highlights

8:00 -- The Big Bang Economy. (2013) Sheldon and Howard put aside their long-standing differences and work together to build an anti-doomsday machine, but Raj, insecure in his manhood, blows it up. Leonard have coitus.

8:30 -- Two Broke Houses. (2013) Faced with a disagreement about paying the bills of their cupcake business, Max and Caroline pout. Oleg steps in to acquire the business in for pennies on the dollar. Sophie liquidates her assets and stashes them in her boa.

9:00 -- House of Cards (2013) After arm-twisting, promises of pork, offers of drugs and prostitutes and threats of murder fail to broker a deal, Francis throws his hands up in the air and decides that the U.S. Congress is, in fact, a house of cards.

9:30 -- Arrested Development (2013) Buster has an inspiration to grow the Bluth family’s remaining assets in an insider trade, but loses everything unnecessarily. Guest stars: Tea Party congressmen.

10:00 -- Survivor: Washington Finale (Repeat, 2011) After posturing for most of the season, two teams, the Donkeys and the Elephants, address a series of difficult, time-sensitive tasks. After a faltering start, each team proposes solutions, then quickly sabotages them. In an intense tribal council, the American People appear and vow to vote both teams off the island.

11:00 -- Late Local News (live) Accidents, random shootings and sports continue to distract people from the real crises ahead.

11:30 -- Movie: Thelma and Louise (1991)

Reviewer’s recommendation: Skip this drivel, and nostalgically seek out reruns of “Let’s Make a Deal,” or “Mister Smith Goes to Washington,” and dream of a functional government.