Who are you waiting for?

Luke 7:24-30

Jesus challenged the crowds that flocked to him from John the Baptist to look deeply at their motives.  Did they seek out John because they were following the crowd?  Were they expecting a spectacle, or seeking someone to show them a prosperous, problem future?  Or were they seeking a prophet?

His question resonates today.  As we toss around slogans like "Let's keep Christ in Christmas" and "Jesus is the reason for the season," Jesus still calls me to look within.  Am I just going along with the church crowd?  Do I long for a meek, mild baby who doesn't cry or ask much of me?  A savior who will bless and rescue my life as I know it?  A source of certainty I can use to anchor my life or differentiate myself from others?  A conquering king?  Or a Messiah who will suffer nails and spears and model losing my life in order to really live it?

Are you waiting for the answers to your prayers? Or the answer to the world's prayers, who calls you to be part of the solution?

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