Right in front of your eyes

Matthew 15:29-37

Have you ever missed seeing what God was doing right in front of you?

Jesus has just healed people of serious afflictions -- he has made the blind see, the lame walk, the mute speak.  The crowd is mesmerized, and they eagerly praise God for what they see God doing in their midst.

Could One who performed such miraculous healings have difficulty finding food for the crowd?  Certainly as Jesus healed the paraplegic, the maimed, and the blind because they had enough faith to come to him, so could he turn his compassion for them into bread.

But the disciples don't see it.  Totally practical (and seemingly blind to what Jesus can do), they look around at the size of the crowd and ask, Where are we going to get enough bread for all these people?  So Jesus gives them a lesson in kingdom economics:  With God there is always enough.  What we bring is enough.
Are there areas of your life, like having enough food, or enough money, or something else, where you are blinded to God's desire to give you "enough"?


Somecomic said...

I love the connotation in this verse of Jesus' asking the Disciples what "they" have. The miracle is performed by and through Jesus, but it is performed with what the disciples have. Jesus doesn't need to bring anything we don't already have, he magnifies and multiplies our blessings.

Bob said...

Yes, and he completes our blessings, so that what seems like too little to us/the world can, like a mustard seed, produce more than we can expect.