Monday gratitude

I took this morning off to finish the raking that Suzanne was kind enough to start. The back yard is green again, liberated from its blanket of gold and brown and yellow. I'm tired, a little sore -- and grateful.

  • I'm grateful that I have a yard to rake.
  • I'm grateful for a beautiful November day when I can rake in a t-shirt rather than a parka.
  • I'm grateful that I can take a personal day.
  • I'm grateful for a tree that provides shade from the south sun spring and summer yet only takes a couple of hours to clean up after in the fall.
  • I'm grateful that all the leaves are off the tree so I don't have to do this again.
  • I'm grateful that even though my back spasmed a bit I could continue thanks to stretching and Ben-Gay.
  • I'm grateful for some physical work to help my mind let go.
  • I'm grateful that Quakertown still sends around the Leaf-Vac to suck up our piles for mulch.
It's amazing how much there is to be grateful in such a simple project!

What are you grateful for today?


Bob said...

Krystl left this thought on Facebook: if this makes sense: i am grateful that i hate Mondays, because it means i have a job.

Me too.

Kari said...

Sitting at my computer writing a funeral sermon, I am profoundly grateful for the fiesty faith of Dorothy Omasta, who knew death was coming but felt no anger or regret, as she prayed, "Come on now, God, I don't mean to be impatient, but it's time to move on."