The ties that bind

http://www.liveservegrow.info/atlarge/wp-trackback.php?p=566On Mark 2:23-28

Religion comes from Latin roots that talk about the ties that bind, and the rituals and traditions of religion do indeed tie us together in faith...or they can. As this story shows, they can also cause us to worship the ties themselves, rather than the people they link together or the reality they point to. Sabbath is an important concept to holistic life in the kingdom of God. Sabbath is an important rhythm that helps us stay healthy, sane, and in touch with God. Yet the Pharisees here mistake the healing nature of Sabbath for a law to be kept -- suggesting that Jesus' disciples should have hungered rather than pluck grain on the Sabbath. Jesus's reply puts everything back in perspective. These traditions and rituals are to strengthen our faith, not to limit it. People, he says, are more important than rules -- and he says this again and again, in many ways.

As we navigate a new way of faith, this is one of our key challenges -- to hold on to the traditions and practices of our faith in a way that builds God's kingdom here and now, and doesn't become a new set of rules to follow blindly. We need to keep thought and feeling alive in our experience, and avoid creating new ruts to get stuck in.

(one of my contributions to the Kairos scripture discussion online)

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