Ordinary saints

Mark 3:13-19

Why does God -- the creator of the cosmos, the one who breathed life -- want to work through people like Peter and James and John, and Judas Iscariot, and us? I think God uses ordinary people to tell the story, proclaim good news, and heal not because God can't heal, but because God's intention is to create community among us. I think God wants us to live out his kingdom so it becomes real, rather than imposing it on us.

I am really struck by the opening phrase, that Jesus "called to him those whom he wanted." It is difficult for me to think about being called out by name. It's much easier to know that some are called, but to let myself off the hook by thinking that others are smarter, better trained, more faithful and worthy than I am. But Jesus calls the disciples by name and sends them out to expand the circle even further, one-to-one, through the ordinary acts of conversation, laying on hands and speaking truth.

I am called into the circle and called, by name, to help expand it even further. Why is this so hard to live into?

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