Depends which side you look from

Mark 2:1-12

Funny the different reactions to Jesus. The man who is paralyzed and his friends immediately recognize hope and healing in Christ, so much so that they dismantle the building to get their friend in at his feet. The scribes, who are convinced that they don’t need any correction at all, who “keep” the law, only cry foul when Jesus brings this broken and unclean man into their circle, forgiving “his” sins. (That’s forgiveness they had to do a lot more than show up to claim!)

I wonder. How much trouble would I go to to be in Jesus’ healing power? In the midst of busy schedules, fiscal pressures, all the opportunities we have, what is it worth to us to center on Jesus?

(one of my contributions to the Kairos : Christians at Large online discussion. Please come join the conversation!)

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