The Lutheran online communities I have been a part of have tended to be very quiet. Many members. A few active participants in discussions (and usually a couple who tend to dominate). A lot of lurkers. Many discussions are echo chambers, with one or two people energizing the thread until it dies.

Well, unless that we tread into one particular subject. This is from the wall of a Lutheran group I joined on Facebook:

*Sigh*  C'mon, people, is this really what we want to show people is at the top of our minds and agendas?

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suzerf said...

Unfortunately we reveal all to much about our humanness on line when we take a look don't we! What can we actually don about Homosexuality? Nothing, it just is. We can talk about it to our hearts content and nothing will change it. What can we do about the Emerging Church? A lot but it will take a lot of work on our part! We will actually have to do something! Christianity and politics, I think we are just tired.