Done! Next?

To: members@church.com
Sent: 1 April 2007, 14:37 (GMT -5)
Subject: Next gathering

Fellow questers,

In recent months and years, we've been on a journey, searching for a way of being the church that fit with our sensibilities and experiences. We've been forming questions about who God is and how we relate with God. We've been questioning the nature of the church and its snuggling up to the state, and wondering how to do better than just shine the pews. We've experimented with Emergent(tm), missional, alternative and other models of worshipping and serving.

I thought we were making good progress. However, in the bookstore last night I discovered that these issues had already been resolved:

I picked up a copy for each of you, so we can suspend our quest and get back to being good little sheep.

Now on to more important matters: Where do you want to have brunch next Sunday?


Maria and Pete Reitano said...

Can't wait to find the answers at last! Who knew it would only cost $5.99...does the sale price means that most people out there don't have questions? Or perhaps believe they've already found the answers? Or wait--they just don't want religious answers to be "handy"?! Hmm...

Brunch sounds wonderful! As it happens, we're free on Sunday morning...know of a good place?

Anonymous said...

is that maria and pete reitano who used to live in corralitos and work with holy euch? if so, tell them that meagan b says hello - and get in touch! it's been years!