Anxiously unaware

(Playing catch-up...a reflection on today's pray-as-you-go podcast):

Our world rolls on its course each day, filled with treachery, and love affairs, desperate hunger, and conspicuous consumption. For the most part it is unaware – though this unawareness hardly brings it bliss – that its creator gazes lovingly onto each corner of the globe. Waging war, doing business, seeking pleasure, deteriorating and dying, people just like me, living day to day. God smiles the small kindnesses, the moments of heroism, the generosity in which humans reflect God’s nature, and must be angered by the ways we find, in the midst of bounty, to manipulate, objectify, hurt and ignore one another. Yet it is into this awful and beautiful world, filled with sinner-saints, that God comes, vulnerable to the worst we can do in order to give us better than we can imagine. And few see it; few are like Mary, able in awe and wonder to give herself fully to God’s strange and beautiful will.

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