Advent labyrinth

Last Friday I walked the Advent labyrinth at Christ's Evangelical Lutheran Church in Oreland, Pa. Pastor Mike Carlson and Elise Seyfried, the director of spiritual formation (what a great title!) created the stations and audio from scratch, focusing on the inner journey from hopelessness to hope that we all experience and that Advent speaks to so well. In my media role with our synod I talked this up with a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer, who did a nice job covering it in today's paper (though the headline plays up a minor theme of the piece, in my opinion).

I've been walking this journey all during Advent, so it was a real blessing to experience anxiety, frantic activity, rage and God's companionship, among many emotions, through Mike and Elise's wise and comforting choices of words, images and music. Unfortunately, it's closed up for the season...but if you ask nicely maybe they'll do it again next year. :)

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