Companions on the journey

(A reflection on the pray-as-you-go podcast for 11/30/2006, based on Romans 10:11-18.)

Thinking back on the people who have made Christ known to me, I'm struck by how ordinary they were, and how my relationship with Christ has grown not through extraordinary breakthroughs but small, everyday revelations. Sure, there have been services and encounters and retreats and readings that have broken things open a bit. Overall I am amazed and grateful at how faithful God has been, providing people to tell the story and to be there for every twist and detour and dead end on this long journey.

The psalmist reminds us that God walks beside us every step of the journey, and is already where he is calling us to go in the next step, and the one after that.
I look behind me and you're there
then up ahead and you're there, too --
your reassuring presence, coming and going.
This is too much, too wonderful --
I can't take it all in. (Psalm 139, The Message)
I'm grateful to so many God has sent along side me along the way: to Mom for putting a picture Bible in my hands as a kid, and introducing me to church; to Bob, long out of touch, who was a kindred seeker at church camp; to Suzanne, for modeling adult faith when we were barely adults and helping me to see myself as acceptable to God; to Pastor Landis, who modeled quiet spirituality and patience amid the most awful circumstances; to Pastor Dottie, who showed me that Lutherans could have a passionate faith and work out of our hearts, not just our heads; to my spiritual director, who has helped me open up to God's love; to my friends, for challenging questions and ideas and for always having a pin handy when I get puffed up.

Thank you for being companions on the journey. I hope you know that simple acts, random conversations, doing your job, just being there has made a difference. I pray that I can do the same for you.

Lord, help me to appreciate and do better at the little things I do each day that tell others about you, even (especially) when I'm not conscious of it.

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