The Big Moo

I've never read any of Seth Godin's books, but I've seen enough of his stuff on the web to know that he offers some useful insights into what's going on in our culture (not just business and marketing). I just came across again a summary of 15 ideas from his business guru book "The Big Moo," ( ht: Steven ) and there are a couple worth pondering (followed by my comment):

2. Wanting growth and attaining growth are two different things ( Preface xv ) - Companies usually end up paralyzed by trying to focus on how they'll grow instead of actually growing. (Sound familiar, church?)

Those who fit in now won't stand out later ( Page 5 ) - It's difficult to change once you get into a rhythm of mediocrity. (In a culture of change, playing it safe has some risks. In a time when people are looking for the church to take a different role in society, clinging to the old, Christendom concept could be a recipe for irrelevane.)

You can't predict the future ( Page 55 ) - ... (my crystal ball is certainly in the shop)

A product is what the customer thinks it is ( Page 131 ) - How many times have you gotten pissed at a user of your software for "using it wrong" ? (Or at someone whose vision of / value of the church isn't your way?)

Don't let the seeds stop you from enjoying the watermelon ( Page 134 ) - The world is grey. Every solution, product, feature is the result of several trade-offs. (Been here, done that... I'm working at seeing the fruit, not the seeds, but it ain't easy.)

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Missional Jerry said...

Seth has some great ideas