Learning party!

Hey, what goes together better than learning and a party? Karen Ward of church of the apostles will be in Northeastern PA on Sept 16 for an Emerging Church Learning Party sponsored by the Episcopal Diocese of Bethlehem. I've been asked to give a talk as part of the event. But despite that, it should be a great event :) !! It's from 10 am to 5 pm at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Wilkes Barre.

Last September I attended one of COTA's learning parties on their home turf in Seattle. It's a great opportunity to get explore the emerging church and postmodern faith and learn how existing mainline congregations can engage what is going on in our culture. If you're thinking about how your congregation can connect with postmoderns, this learning party with COTA's postmodern guides can help you get started. If you attended our "Emerging in the Mainline" event in February, you might want to get a couple other folks from your congregation to this event to build momentum. If you missed that event, don't miss this attempt to learn first-hand from a Lutheran/Episcopal group blazing new trails in a highly postmodern and unchurched communitiy.

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