Existing / Emerging

For a presentation I will give next month, I'm thinking about the ways that existing congregations can integrate some of the insights of the "emerging church" movement. For example, at the congregation I'm part of we've included elements from the "alt.worship" movement, and tried to increase the interactive, participatory elements. We've also worked at getting out of the building and into the community for fellowship, meetings and discussions. It continues to be a challenge to be aware of the "consumer" models we're steeped in and to inject missional elements.

But my experience is limited. I'm interested in what you're doing, and thinking, about bringing emergent insights into established congregations. Can it be done? Can a community "blend" in ways that embrace people who have been served by the traditional church and those who need something different? Is it best to start a new service, or a new cohort, with a different ethos? Have you run into brick walls in the process? What would you want to share with mainline/established church folks exploring this brave, new world?

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