episcopal oversight

In just over a month, our synod will elect a new bishop. There has been an ongoing process of discernment that has attempted to hear the yearnings of our people and God's leading for us as a church body. In that spirit, I came across this post from Jay Vorhees in Nashville, commenting on the divides preventing the Episcopal Diocese of Tennessee from electing a bishop. I don't know the entire backstory to this process, and I don't see the same kind of division in our body. Still, Jay's wise words about clergy and lay listening to each other, and about hearing God's call being the heart of the process, are worth reading and reflecting on as we approach the election process. May we be open to the nudgings of the Spirit now, and always.


Rick said...

Nice to have found you. I am joining my wife in a move to Philly at the end of this month. Perhaps we can connect when I get there?

I am in California and we will be electing a Bishop here soon. (I am an Episcopalian) Some say it may split the church if we elect one of our gay candidates.

I heard a story from one Anglican Bishop about the lack of a "gay problem" in parts of Africa. If they discover someone is gay they tie them to the tree and set them on fire. Sadly, there are still part of the church in America who have the same third world mentality.

Let's touch base and get together to discuss doing church in the 21st century. I am a priest, btw.

I'd love to explore something along the lines of what Karen Ward is doing in Seattle.


Lutheran Zephyr said...

Thank you, Bob, for this thoughtful and prayerful post. Sometimes I wonder, though, if piety isn't used as a holy cover for what is legitimately a political process. Part of me wonders if it wouldn't be more honest to have some sort of "campaign" (for lack of a better word) where issues and positions and policies could be fleshed out in some level of detail, allowing voting members to know who they're voting for. Otherwise, the election seems like vote for whomever performs best on the awkward stage of a 1-2 day synod assembly podium balloting process.

Bob said...


I'd love to connect with you when you're in the area. Just drop a comment and we can get in touch. We have some good conversation going in the area -- there's an emerging leaders group I'm organizing, and an active Philly Emergent Cohort as well. I'm not aware of much conversation in the Episcopal tribe here.