Taking the red pill

Wednesday our synod is hosting Karen Ward for a presentation on "Emerging in the Mainline." Karen's a great person to lead this conversation for us because she's lived in the bowels of the mainline church for a long time, and she lives in postmodern culture. She did a great job translating to mainliners at the PA Pastor's Conference last fall (I blogged about it here).

Trying to sneak in some reading in between shoveling snow and last-minute prep for the event, I came across this quote from Karen in Gibbs and Bolger's "Emerging Churches":
The emerging church is being willing to take the red pill, going down the rabbit hole, and enjoying the ride. It is Dorothy not in Kansas anymore yet finding her way home. It is Superman braving kryptonite to embrace Krypton. It is sight seeking wider vision, relationships seeking expanded embrace, and spirituality seeking holistic practice. It is a “road of destination” where Christ followers, formerly of divergent pasts, are meeting up in the missional present and moving forward toward God’s future.
If that intrigues you, stop over to Christ's Lutheran in Oreland on Wednesday. (It's too late to offer you lunch, but there's room for more in the presentation/conversation.)


Aj Schwanz said...

I just sat in on a session with Karen regarding "New Monasticism." She's got an amazing call and vision for living holisically. I, too, loved that quote from "Emerging Churches" and look forward to getting deeper into the book.

Looking forward to hearing how the session goes!

Sivin Kit said...

imagine "emerging" in a "mainline" denomination in "Malaysia". well, I'm part of that imagination. Wish I was there. Send my regards to Karen Ward who was one of the first who got me blogging!

Bob said...

AJ -- I agree about Karen's call and vision. I was really impressed with the community at Apostles' when I visited last fall. I go right from this into a synod youth event, but I'll report as I can.

Sivin -- I'll pass on your greetings. It's so good to know we're not alone on this journey, even though we're a minority in the "mainline" system.

Lutheran Zephyr said...

Great event. Your passion for this emerging ministry, your great PR effort, and the great presenter - Karen Ward - made this a wonderful event. You should be very happy about what you pulled off.

Great job!