ELCA emergents on Nightline

Spirit Garage, an ELCA emerging church in Minneapolis, and Bluer, a Vineyard church in town, were featured on a Nightline segment called "Prayer Party" a couple weeks ago. Spirit Garage is "a church that feels more like Saturday night than Sunday morning," Pastor Rob Norris-Weber told Nightline. One worshipper says that the connection, for her, in the traditional church was the familiar music and liturgy -- but not that she really belonged or it spoke to her faith. At Spirit Garage, she says, "the people are real, the faith is real and the music is from the heart."

Nightline interviewed Brian McLaren, who describes the emerging church "as an R&D department of people who are trying to innovate...and discover things that can serve the church."

Watch it here, courtesty of Bluer's website: Quicktime or Windows Media

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