Walking the Line

My wife and I just got in from seeing "Walk the Line," the new film about the love affair between Johnny Cash and June Carter. It's well done, with a lot of early Cash tunes I wasn't familiar with. And some good insights.

I've spent some time this week on putting together some images to reflect on the central text for Sunday's service -- Matthew 25:31-46, the "least of these" passage. The film offers an even better illustration, backing into the key insight. There's a scene where Cash, all in black, of course, tries to pitch Columbia Records execs on the live "At Folsom Prison" album. They're dubious, to say the least. One says, "John, your fans are Christians... They don't want to see you singing to murderers and rapists just to make them feel better." To which Cash replies, "Well, then, they aren't Christians."

The Folsom album went on to outsell the Beatles, and we're all fortunate that Cash went beyond singing gospel and set his empathy to hard-luck guys to music.

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