Treats for the ears

A number of interesting events have shown up as audio files available on the web for your listening pleasure.

Several from the Generous Orthodoxy Conference in Bethesda Oct. 7-8 are available here. There are a couple of pieces of interest:

Brian McLaren on "Generous Orthodoxy." Brian explores how the conservative, evangelical civil religion in the US grew out of the mainline protestant civil religion of much of the 20th century, and how a generous orthodoxy goes beyond civil religion's blessing of state and economy and engages a missional faith. Highly recommended.

The Gay Forum: This is the conversation the ELCA could have had, but didn't. I admit to having some trepidation having a discussion of homosexuality in a room full of evangelicals, but this forum was more civil and, well, generous than many discussions on the floor of our synod assembly. "We're going to try to enter someone else's world without judgement and to try to feel what others have felt," McLaren said in his introduction -- and his point system for deciding who can speak on the subject of homosexuality is very funny. Four people shared their stories: two lesbians, one an Episcopal priest; a gay man; and a Baptist youth leader who helped his group befriend a gay college student who was receiving death threats for scheduling a controversial play for his graduation project. At the end, Brian paused before closing in prayer and said, "I'm guessing that there are a number of us who would just like to say I'm sorry." More than a hundred attendees went up to embrace, thank, and apologize to the speakers. It was a powerful evening.

Personal God or Private God with Jim Wallis: The Sojourners editor and provocateur offers his take on the growing sense -- on the left and the right -- that faith is being co-opted by politics and that there needs to be a better way.

And more listening pleasures...

Adam Cleaveland, a Princeton Seminary Student, posted audio of Brian McLaren's lecture at PTS Wednesday on the emerging church and theological education.

October's Philly Cohort session covered "The Ruins of the Church," seismic shifts and the unity of the church, among other stuff. The audio is online, thanks to Wes. Link to mp3

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